About Us

The company

in Greece
Dragonfly I.K.E is a Greek stone supplier based on Mediterranean natural stone quarry, Marble & Limestone & sandstone. Being a part Stoneman Quarry produces trading Group of companies based in China
The product categories we Supply are marble blocks, slaps, tiles, shapes, and a new category of marble furniture, sculptures suitable for retail as well as for projects.

The Group in China
Our Chinese Group of companies (Stoneman Quarry produces trading company)
is a well-established corporation with more than 20 years’ experience working with Greek marble.
A member of the Group is Xiamen Lillie stone company that Supplies Limestone external products from quarries to constructor.
Our marble furniture specialization:
1. We have unparalleled source of ancient Greek marbles, Greek Culture and History
2. We use the world’s leading processing technology
3. Our products are made with the world’s leading furniture design
The team
Our experienced team consisting of experts in selection of marbles follows closely the needs focusing in each client’s needs.
The experience of more than 20 years promotes the understanding of each of the quarry products advantages thus assisting architects and constructors on marble projects for every individual or business construction project.

Our cooperation with factories and constructors is based in professional selection and transportation of marble products giving as a result the beauty of the natural marble for every need.

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